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At Digital Alchemist Media Productions we look at children as the future of this world.
We would like to help society by producing content for their children. 

As a part of our commitment to this cause, we have decided to publish children's books, while we work on other content like cartoons or TV shows for children as well.


The Little Mouse's Tail is an illustrated children's book based on old Persian fable about a little mouse that has a problem she needs help with. But, in order for others to help her find a solution to her problem, she has to help others find solutions to their problems. 

The moral of the story is that, rather than wallow in misery because you have a problem, it is better to find a solution to your problem. Asking others for help can be a part of that solution.


This is the story behind this book and how we made this illustrated children's book and managed to raise funds to publish this book.


This is a book read video for kids to watch and listen to. It is 8 minutes long and features an original Persian soundtrack.

The Little Mouse's TailCharlotte Wanhill
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We are reading the book every day and night Since we have received it.

My daughter loves the book as well as the video.
The first time that I read the book I was proud of having an old Iranian story in English here in NZ and proud of being able to share a little bit of my childhood with my little girl.
Thanks for reminding us of all those lovely memories.


The beautiful illustrations and the engaging characters in the story.


Such a lovely story and the pictures are so beautiful! My children stared at the pages as we read it, completely captured. Awesome project! Well done guys! X


Fantastic book with beautiful illustrations and a wonderful story of helping others...A Classic!


The first impression was tears in my eyes when I read the first line of the book and it says it is an old story that happened in IRAN. Really enjoyed the book and brought back lots of memories from my childhood when I heard this story as I was a little girl. My son stayed up and sharp and listened to the story, he asked me when he can learn to read it, he is planning to read it for his classroom next week. Good job Mr. Ardi and thank you dear Charlotte for the delivery.


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