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Why Animated Health and Safety Videos are Effective

Are you looking for a way to explain your health and safety procedures or simply train staff on how your business functions?

Health and safety video production is used by many different sectors, especially manufacturing and construction. Workplace safety videos have also become all the more important these days in light of COVID-19.

Many companies in New Zealand are using safety training videos to communicate health and safety regulations. With the power of animated safety video production, you can transform a “boring” health and safety manual into an engaging video. One that is more likely to grab attention and stick with your viewer.

What is Health and Safety Video Animation?

Health and safety training videos are used to detail key information to staff, contractors, visitors, or customers. The topics covered are based on standard health and safety manuals. For example, emergency procedures, fire alarm tests, hazard management, working processes and procedures and so on. Animated safety videos are a great way to deliver this information. Using colour and interesting characters can make the information easier to understand and more digestible.

Animated Safety Video Production vs. Live-Action

To create health and safety videos, you have the option to do live-action video production or animated videos. We highly recommend using animation. Why?

1. Anything Is Possible With Animation

Animated explainer videos are perfect for showing dangerous scenarios, difficult locations, and any other setting you need. Think of animating characters working at height, or confined spaces, or near traffic or moving vehicles. Maybe even in tunnels, ships, aeroplanes, railway lines, forbidden zones, doctors’ surgeries, hospitals or any restricted areas. This makes animated videos a very flexible platform to share healthcare information. Using vibrant colours and memorable characters, you’ll be able to communicate health and safety messages in a fun way, while also delivering a professional branded end result.

2. Animation Is Cost-Effective

These dangerous scenarios can be staged for a fraction of the cost of a filmed video. 2D animated explainer videos are relatively cheaper and faster to produce than a filmed video alternative. Another significant advantage of safety training and induction videos is that they can be replayed as many times as needed. This is especially useful for new employees since they’ll be able to re-watch it (rather than paying for the induction of each new staff member).

Why should you use animated video for your health and safety information?

1. Animation Can Enhance Your Existing Communication

Animated health videos can help explain safety policies clearly with stylised character, icon, and/or product animation. You’ll be able to control health and safety script and messaging to make sure it is understandable and accurate. What’s more, you can show medical impacts inside the body, such as the impact of smoking on the lungs. Videos can help audiences remember to apply safety protocols regularly.

2. Animated Videos Are Far More Memorable Than Pages of Text

Because workplace safety videos are delivered in a way that’s engaging and easy to understand, it can help resolve recall issues. I.e. that safety training is quickly forgotten and often not retained beyond a week or even a day. Animated safety videos tend to be shorter, with shocking or factual scripts, as well as striking visuals and emotive audio. They are an effective way to motivate employees or customers to conform to safety policies.

3. Animation is Effective for Health and Safety Training

Providing new employees with animated health and safety videos (in addition to a written document) can be a great way to train staff before they go on a job. Animated safety videos can also fit easily into e-learning management system databases which you can share with employees to set the standard for your business. Showing something visual can highlight the dangers and risks far more clearly and have a lot more impact.

4. Animated videos can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Employees working in remote locations need to be trained. Sending them a copy of the safety video can solve this. The animated videos can also be played to patients in waiting rooms or TVs on the bus or train. You can also put your completed video on the company’s website, Youtube channel, or social media platforms.

5. Health and Safety Video Production can demonstrate Safety Leadership in your industry.

You can show one or two immediate safety topics. But it needn’t be limited to that. Animated safety videos can be used to showcase a whole safety strategy or Safe Systems of Work (SSOW). The colours, font and design can reflect your corporate style and brand too.

6. Animation can transcend language barriers.

Anyone speaking a different language in your company can have their own version of your health and safety video. So they can fully understand the message you want to convey. A simple change in voice-over can easily make your video more accessible to employees.

Professional Health and Safety Animated Videos

Animated health videos need to be created by seasoned professionals to have the desired effect. At Digital Alchemist Media Productions, an explainer animation company in Auckland, we can create custom-made animation to help you communicate safety messages effectively.

Original characters, environments, and situations -- all the works. Whether it’s animating what to do in an earthquake or showing the impact of accidents, we can work with your team and help breathe life to your safety manual. Work with Digital Alchemist to get started on your health and safety videos today.

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