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Best Explainer Video Style by Project (And How Much It Costs)

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Videos are essential for businesses who are looking to boost their marketing game in the post-COVID-19 era. One of the most popular videos to produce is explainer videos. Now, there are heaps of styles to choose from. How do you decide which style is the best for your project?

Let's dive into video production in Auckland, the various types of explainer videos, how to use them best, and how much it costs to produce.

What is an explainer video?

A corporate explainer video is a short video (typically 30 seconds to 3 minutes long) that explains your business' brand story or product in a simple and engaging way. It simplifies complicated concepts into easy-to-digest ideas. Ask your audience if they would rather read ten pages of text or watch a one-minute explainer video. People will 100% choose to watch the video.

Explainer videos can be used to give a quick overview of your product or company. You can use them to break down a process or offer step-by-step tutorials. They can be shown on your website's home page or landing pages, social media channels, and even email campaigns. In addition to digital, you can also use them in trade show booths, sales presentations, and events.

5 Styles of Explainer Videos and When to Use them

1. 2D Animation Explainer Video

2D animation is the most popular and widely used style for explainer videos. The characters, storyboard, and backgrounds are created in a two-dimensional environment. This style is highly versatile and sits well with almost any subject matter. It is also more affordable than 3D animation and generally easier to produce. On top of that, audiences love how relatable and engaging these videos are.

Best for: Almost any subject matter

2. 3D Animation Explainer Video

3D animation is an expensive animation style. Characters and other elements are animated in a three-dimensional space which can be rotated and moved like real objects. Although it has a state-of-the-art, high-quality finish, it is seldom used for commercial purposes because of its hefty price tag and longer production times.

Best for: Product Models when they don’t exist yet

3. Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video

Whiteboard animation is a popular choice for educational videos as one's mind naturally associates whiteboards with school. Because objects are being drawn as the narration flows, it's a very engaging way of introducing a product, service, or process. These types of videos are made using whiteboard animation software which makes it easy to produce and affordable.

Best for: Educational videos

4. Motion Graphics Animation

Still graphics are brought to life with animation, visual effects, and other cinematic techniques in motion graphics explainer videos. Like 2D animation, these types of videos are dynamic and engaging. The clever use of graphics like abstract shapes, logos, or text makes it suitable for presenting complex concepts in a simple form.

Best for: TV show titles, Animated logo, Video ident

Kinetic Typography is a sub-category of motion graphics. It is the preferred style for videos that aim to underline and reinforce specific passages. These types of videos are easier to produce and great for smaller budgets.

Best for: Social media videos, Announcement videos or event

5. Live-Action Explainer Video

Live-action explainer videos are used when you want to establish an emotional connection with your viewers. It provides the “human touch” needed to tell a relatable story. It adds an authentic element that you wouldn’t otherwise get in animation. This type of video can be done on a small budget. But costs can quickly shoot up when you add on different locations, actors, and crew.

Best for: Testimonials, product demos/instructional videos for tangible products

What Do Great Explainer Videos Have In Common?

A Solid Script

You can’t go wrong with a good script, and you can’t pull off a miracle with a bad one. When writing the script for your video, find your main points first: problem, solution, and call to action. Then, weave a compelling story. The best scripts are memorable, impactful, and connect to the audience on an emotional level.

Great Length

Be brief. The best explainer videos are under three minutes, and many clock in at just the one minute mark. If the video is too long, people won't be able to stay engaged or retain information well. Drop the smaller details in favour of a more compact script.

Genuine Audience Connection

It's important to create a story arc where the target audience is the central character. By using tight pacing and impactful music, you can set the emotional beats of your video and make the audience identify and relate with your story.

Branded Design Style

There are heaps of explainer videos out there. Stand out from the crowd by using graphics, colours, fonts, music, and other elements that are unique to your brand. It'll make your videos more memorable since it conveys a distinct sense of personality.

How Much Does an Explainer Video Cost in New Zealand?

The three main factors that greatly influence the cost of an explainer video are length, animation style, and complexity. Ultimately, it depends on your project, what you want to achieve, and how much budget you have. To give you a better idea, here’s what our prices look like here at Digital Alchemist, a video production company in Auckland, New Zealand:

Need a professional team to help you create fantastic corporate explainer videos in Auckland? Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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