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Misconceptions Extra - Lisa and Nisi

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Lisa and Nisi lived overseas when they had their miscarriage. Lisa was 10 weeks pregnant when she started spotting after having packed their bags for a trip home to New Zealand. Spotting turned to losing a large amount of blood that same evening. The next day they went to see a doctor who, due to the language barrier, made the experience into quite an ordeal for Lisa and Nisi.

Lisa and Nisi didn’t take time to heal and grieve while they were home in NZ on holiday, nor did they take that time back in France. Instead, Lisa turned inwards and suffered depression which she tried to hide by finding excuses to catch up with people and drinking her sorrows away.

Though Nisi knew Lisa need to talk about the miscarriage, they didn’t really talk about it until years later. The guilt they both felt and the emotions they had kept quiet all came out and made them stronger as a couple. They encourage people to open up and talk.

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