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Mobile App Animated Explainer Videos

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Based in Newmarket in Auckland, vWork is job scheduling and dispatch software for workers on the move. It makes the team more efficient, both in the field and the office, and improves customer experience.

We recently created an explainer video for their mobile app. This is a great example of how animated videos can help demonstrate key features and benefits of your software. In less than two minutes, your audience will be able to learn about your app and how it works.

Why do mobile app explainer videos work?

There are thousands of mobile apps being developed and launched every day. To stand out on the mobile apps marketplace, it's important to make your app's value crystal clear, quickly. Animated Explainer videos are able to do this because you can visually demonstrate what your app can do in a simple and concise way. Information is also presented creatively which makes it more appealing and engaging to users. Research shows that 40% of people download or buy the mobile app if they are enticed by the contents of the video. This only goes to show that explainer videos are more effective in establishing a stronger reach or impression for app users.

Want to learn more about Mobile App Explainer Videos?

At Digital Alchemist, a video production and animation company in Auckland, we know what it takes to produce high-quality animated videos that meet the business goals of mobile apps. Get in touch with us today!

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