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Pilot Episode for NZ on Air and Hei Hei

We have teamed up with Stu Duval, one of New Zealand's most talented illustrators. He wrote several books for children. Together made this pilot for a TV show called Stu and Moo.

Stu has been teaching children around New Zealand, and sometimes overseas as well, how to use the most simple tools and elements to draw beautiful creatures. We thought a cheeky clever bull would be a good addition to his show to not only mess around a bit, but also give children some information about the things that Stu makes. This is a part of our proposal to New Zealand on Air and if the funding is secured, soon you will be able to watch the first season which is 36 episodes on TVNZ children's platform, HEIHEI.

Ardi Alemi, the creator of this show used Adobe Photoshop CC18 to create the Plasticine look and used the Adobe Character Animator for most of the animation parts and After Effects for the extra parts. This new pipeline reduces the production time and production cost significantly and will pave the way for more animated content in the future.

We can not wait until the decision day by NZ on Air for this funding round.

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