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Misconceptions Ep. 06 | Accessing Support

People can feel uncertain, isolated, and unsupported when they go through first trimester pregnancy loss. In most parts of New Zealand a pregnancy is managed by a midwife, not by a GP, but a lot of people can’t get in to a midwife until they are 12 weeks, so people may feel like they don’t really know where to go. People who have existing relationships with midwives may find it easier to get the help they need, but those without such support networks can find themselves navigating the hospital system alone.

The medical terminology used to describe miscarriage can add to the sense of isolation. All of a sudden, your longed-for baby is a failed pregnancy, a spontaneous abortion, or the products of conception.

Emotional support can also be hard to come by - but the Miscarriage Support website is a good place to start. Miscarriage Support also offers a private Facebook group where people can find advice and comfort. Speaking to a qualified counsellor can also help people work through their feelings of loss.


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