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Misconceptions Extra - Megan Downer, counsellor

Megan is a qualified counsellor with 20 years of experience in the health sector supporting those coping with infertility and pregnancy loss. She understands the difficulties people face when loss goes unrecognised by others and the need for people to have a place to share their story with someone who has experience and knowledge of these hidden losses.

With every loss, people grieve and there are many feelings and emotions that come with grief. Talking to a counsellor about pregnancyloss can really help untangle all those emotions and feelings. Because every person grieves differently, grief is like a fingerprint and Megan often finds that men feel they need to support their other half instead of also taking time to grieve.

To find support when going through miscarriage Megan recommends going to the Miscarriage Support website, they also have a support group on Facebook. SANDS is another website that offers support groups and Talking Works is a website where people can find counsellors.

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