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Misconceptions Extra - Noriko and Tomoya

Noriko and Tomoya had a miscarriage every year, three years in a row, since they gave birth to their first child.

Noriko blamed herself and thought that something was fundamentally wrong, but after some serious soul searching, she realised that those thoughts weren’t helping their situation, so they looked for a clinic that didn't practice Western medicine. They showed her a diet that would work well for her constitution and she changed her mentality. She fell pregnant straight after. After their baby girl was born and they finished breastfeeding, Noriko became pregnant but unfortunately miscarried again. She remembered what the clinic had taught her and she changed her diet to fall pregnant a month later. Noriko and Tomoya now have 3 healthy babies but want to tell people not to blame themselves and to forgive themselves when miscarriage happens.

They also urge friends and loved ones to not cast judgement or make people who have gone through miscarriage feel ashamed.

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